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"Thanks so much again Michael, for getting my loan approved with such alacrity! You’ve been just amazing and I look forward to recommending your services to everyone I know!" Jane Malone

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We’ve been offering mortgage broking services since 2003, steadily building a loyal following of everyday people looking for the best loan for their needs. We’re not a huge conglomerate. Our boutique size means you get the attention you deserve, where it suits you the most. More about us

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That’s right! Because we receive a commission from the lender you select, our mortgage broking service is 100% FREE for you. Our team scour a wide range of lenders to find a loan deal that matches your situation, and our experience means we can sometimes secure loans at better rates than if you went it alone. Although we’re free, there are lender and government fees that you still need to pay. Learn more.

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What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between you and potential lenders. The broker works on your behalf and in your best interests to provide lending solutions that offer competitive products and interest rates best suited to your individual circumstances and requirements. Mortgage brokers are licensed and regulated financial professionals.

Why use a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker has access to a wide range of products from many different banks and lenders, rather than only one bank’s product options. A broker will interview you to assess your needs and goals and is then able to offer you choices so you can compare interest rates, repayment amounts and loan products. A mortgage broker will do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t need to waste time shopping around with different lenders whose products you may not qualify for. Using a mortgage broker can save you money by finding you the right loan for your circumstances.

What makes Mortgage Broker Sydney different?

Our brokers are experienced and knowledgeable on a wide range of products and policies. We are able to assist you in obtaining finance for home loans and investment loans as well as commercial ventures and asset finance. We are not a huge conglomerate and our boutique size means you get the attention you deserve. We will guide you through your options and help you understand different products and features so you can make an informed decision. Our process is designed to ensure you receive the best outcome for your needs which is why our customers provide such positive reviews.

Does Mortgage Broker Sydney charge fees?

We do not charge our clients a fee for our service. We are paid a commission by your selected lender for introducing you as a customer. We will provide you with clear and transparent information regarding our remuneration arrangements both generally when you first enquire, and then specially for the lender you choose.

At all times our advice is based on what is best for our customers, not any financial arrangements we have with the lenders. We are subject to strict regulations to ensure we act in our client’s interests and our business relies on the reviews and referrals we receive from those of you who use our service. Looking after our customers is our number one priority.

Does a Broker just help me get to settlement or do they provide an ongoing service?

Mortgage Broker Sydney will not only help you to find the right lender and product and settle your loan, but will provide ongoing service throughout the life of your loan. We receive a trailing commission from lenders which means there is no charge for our ongoing service. We want to ensure that your home loan is suitable for you now and in the future and can assist you with any questions that arise or any changes you might like to make to your loan, such as an increase to fund redecorations to your property or a switch in products.

We will touch base with you each year and at important milestones during your loan to check if you still have the best deal, to negotiate a better rate with your current lender, or to assist you with any new finance needs you might have.

How much do I need to save for a deposit?

Having a bigger deposit means you may not have to borrow as much money, reducing the amount of interest you will ultimately pay over the life of the loan. A larger deposit means less risk to the lenders and you are more likely to receive a competitive interest rate.

It is generally recommended that you have a deposit of at least 20% of the purchase price. However, as this may not be achievable for everyone, you can put down a smaller deposit. In most cases this means that lenders mortgage insurance will apply (see more details further on). First Home Buyers are able to put down as little as 5% deposit and may be eligible for various government grants, subsidies and schemes to further assist them.

The purpose you are purchasing for may also impact the level of deposit required. For example, you will generally need to save a larger deposit to purchase an investment property than for one you intend to live in.

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