Get a Better Deal On Your Home Loan

19.12.23 | Michael Brown | News

We can assist you in finding a better offer on a variable rate loan or a fixed-rate home loan. And our service won’t cost you anything!

Comparing home loan deals

It might be challenging to locate the best deal in Australia, as there are literally hundreds of different house loans available from dozens of lenders.

Did you know that Mortgage Broker Sydney’s knowledgeable brokers can do the hard work for you, searching for the best loan for your situation. The best part is that you can use our services for free. We make our money from commissions paid by lenders we help you sign up with. 

Allow us to search the market for loans and negotiate a better rate for your current mortgage. We’ll examine various loan characteristics, compare rates, and provide you with a few affordable loan possibilities. In almost every case, we’ll be able to get you a better deal, either with your current lender or a new one.

Best loans available to you, assured

Our brokers follow the Best Interests Duty (BID) as required by law. This means that we have a legal duty to locate deals that truly fit your needs. You can be certain that there aren’t any dodgy behind-the-scenes transactions. We work for you.

Sometimes the cheapest interest rate isn’t the best option.

Over the course of one or two in-person or virtual appointments, we learn about your goals for work, finances, family and property ownership. To find out what you need from a loan, we’ll go over every detail of the various loan options, including options like linked credit cards, offset and redraw, fixed and variable rates, and more. We’ll explain everything in simple terms.

With that information, your mortgage broker will shortlist loans that work for you. It’s always your decision. 

Skip loyalty to your lender 

Customers don’t get loyalty from lenders. Most borrowers are more interested in the loan than in the bank itself. However, it’s all too usual for people to do nothing but sit back and watch their loan grind away in the background for years after they lock it in. New lenders and loan kinds are entering the market in the interim. Don’t ignore the opportunities.

Is there a better loan for you? Based on our observations over decades, the response is: quite likely.

Don’t let the “lazy tax” mean you continue with a lender just because you banked with them while you were a student. It’s time to compare.

Reach out to us

We can assist you whether your current fixed-interest rate is about to expire or you simply want to find out what else is available.

Make an appointment to discuss your loan requirements with one of our knowledgeable brokers by getting in touch with Mortgage Broker Sydney. There is no fee and no commitment for our expert advice. 

Contact Mortgage Broker Sydney today.